Roatan booked!

I’ve booked myself the flights to Roatan! I’m leaving YVR at 9pm for Seattle, then on to Houstan, before finally getting to Roatan for 10 days! Leaving on 9th June 2010!

However, both laptops have now decided to give up. Firstly the Dell broke AGAIN! In conversations with them about that (more soon no doubt)… but the backup Samsung N220 I purchased also gave out! Thankfully they have an international warranty that will sort that out, calling on Monday.

I’m also pleased to say I have my Panasonic DMC-TS2 Camera in hand and was trying it out yesterday! Will post some photos later… certainly from Roatan if not before.

EDIT: Photos, uploaded full size:

Honduras Trip in the pipeline!

I miss being underwater… I could go down for a quick dip in the pool, but instead I want to fly over 10 hours to Honduras! Specifically a small group of islands off the coast of Honduras, the Bay Islands.

Give me 10 days here!

I’m looking at mid-June to go and thinking:

  • Flying out there over night to Roatan but go straight to Ulita
  • 3 days doing an Advanced Open Water diving course, probably with PADI this time
  • 1 day free to explore then go over to Roatan
  • Possibly 3 more days to do a Rescue Diver course as well (will require some first aid recertification)
  • Some fun dives and exploration
  • Lots of drinking!

I’ll probably have to get the Continental flight out there, so go via Houstan. Might be a bit of sleeping in the airport but so what! I need some fun!

To prepare for this, I bought myself a Panasonic DMC-TS2 Camera today!