Honduras Trip in the pipeline!

I miss being underwater… I could go down for a quick dip in the pool, but instead I want to fly over 10 hours to Honduras! Specifically a small group of islands off the coast of Honduras, the Bay Islands.

Give me 10 days here!

I’m looking at mid-June to go and thinking:

  • Flying out there over night to Roatan but go straight to Ulita
  • 3 days doing an Advanced Open Water diving course, probably with PADI this time
  • 1 day free to explore then go over to Roatan
  • Possibly 3 more days to do a Rescue Diver course as well (will require some first aid recertification)
  • Some fun dives and exploration
  • Lots of drinking!

I’ll probably have to get the Continental flight out there, so go via Houstan. Might be a bit of sleeping in the airport but so what! I need some fun!

To prepare for this, I bought myself a Panasonic DMC-TS2 Camera today!


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