The Sunshine Coast

Well since I got back from Roatan, I’ve been eagerly awaiting a family visit which we just had. Since it’s a family thing, I’m keeping the details to myself, but I will share a few of the Sunshine Coast.

We did a few days in Seattle the day before then did the 5 hour drive up (broken up by going to the Boeing Future of Flight Tour at Everett). Snapped a good shot on the ferry:

Moody Sky isn't it? (it was actually a great summer's day)

We got here and checked into The Sunshine Coast Resort & Marina, found just past Madeira Park)

Had a great cottage there, perfect for a family holiday. Right on the water! Here are the snaps of the scenery as usual.

What I woke up to every morning!

Most of these will be of the water!

We also explored some inland areas... mostly lakes...

Can't remember where this is, but it's geotagged so you can check

Relaxing isn't it (I'm running out of water based captions!)

Renting a boat is a great idea!

There is one more spot I should point out, on the drive back we stopped next to the Sechelt Inlet.

Nice spot for kayaking

Hope you like snakes though! These were coming out of the water (or near the edge)


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