Still in Canada, back to the UK and France for a visit soon

Thought I’d do another “I’m alive” update. Yes. Yes I am.

I’m still happily out here in the Canadian Winter. Got a few evening ski sessions in so far… I’ve done more snowshoeing this year, actually, I’ve done my Avalanche Safety Training 1 last week.

Got a trip back to the UK in December, then flying to France on one of New Year’s Eve or New Year’s Day. Need to sort out that flight pronto. Then it’s back here for more skiing!

Ok, here is what you all come for, some of the photos.

Night Skiing on Grouse, I snapped this lucky shot

First snowshoe trip of the year was on Seymour... weather wasn't great but had a good time none the less

However, the AST-1 Course had great weather!

When it's good weather on the mountains, I get snap happy!

And here is Downtown Vancouver from a spot I found on Mount Seymour, wish I had an SLR

Keep holding your breath for the next big trip folks. I’m sure this travelblog of sorts will keep going every so often.


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