BC Road Trip Time!

Changing jobs! That’s as good a reason as any to go on a trip!! I only had 2 weeks to plan… had a look at flights, right at the heart of the school holidays and decided they were a no go… besides, I’ve done one of the main diving destinations (Roatan last year) that a lot of the travelling sorts go to and my friend Gabby kept avoiding the question when I pressed her for where to go next šŸ˜›

Then IĀ realizedĀ IĀ haven’tĀ seen much of the Interior of BC yet… and I bought an Impreza last year… ROAD TRIP!

2 weeks of virtually no planning later, I’m on the road!

Loading up the Road Warrior! Cooler, Propane Barby, Tent, Sleeping bags (two, depending on how hot it is)... I intend to live like a king!!!

It was kind of a bad time to have the Panasonic Lumix TS3 in for repair, worse still, my old Casio Exelim 1080 has seen much better days (lens doesnt focus well, can’t zoom anymore, doesnt always bring the lens back into the camera body when turning off, doesn’t always turn on for that matter). Looks like the Nexus One will be stepping up to being a full blown camera for a bit.

Good news is, I’m going White Water Rafting in Lytton on 27th, so my friend Hannah can bring my replacement camera when it’s delivered! Thanks Hannah!

Things I want to do include vineyards and lots of them, car camping (aka LUXURY CAMPING), generally touring round. As I say, there isn’t much of a plan going on here!

So, I’m off. I’m cheating and writing this post in Osoyoos, one day after I departed, I’ll write the story of the first few days soon! Now some Skype calls home!


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