Hope, Cathedral Provincial Park

First 4 days are done and I thought I would take the time to write on this travelblog of mine that I now see I’ve been doing for almost 6 ½ years!

Seems I’m only going to have enough time to write day 1 before my parking runs out. Will do the other days later…

The car packed, I stopped to get some bear spray from MEC… might need that if I’m going to camp out in the wilderness. In the car, off on Highway 1. Clearing the city and Abbotsford, I decided to make the first stop in Hope.

Seems there was a Harley Davidson Festival on...

So after a quick lunch, I headed to get some petrol…. this should be no problem… I counted seven stations on the way in. Oh no no… every last one of them was full! I would either be waiting for 4 cars to fill (and everyone took their sweet time once they got to the pump). I eventually found a free one. Then I loaded up on BBQ grub for that evening’s camping.

I did get reminded that the Hope Slide, the largest landslide ever recorded in Canada, occurred near here… so I went to go see it.

This was huge! Look at Wikipedia!

Bit more driving later and I saw a sign for Cathedral Provincial Park. Literally just saw a sign and pulled off the road and headed there. That’s the extent of planning I’ve done.

On the way in... I think the road had turned to graded dirt at this point...

Camping on the first night in Lakeview Head Campground! I intend to eat like a king!!!

And I had ideas I wouldn't bother with the fly on my tent... decided against this eventually...

I had the whole campground to myself, although there was another van there… but I never once saw the occupants…

Great way to start off!

Ok, I’ll write the rest later, I think my parking is going to run out.

Wow this still take a long time to write…

Here was the route I did on day one:


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