Kelowna, Vernon and Silver Star

Day 5 on the trip and I wake up in Kelowna. After hunting round and not immediately finding breakfast, I decided it was time to drive on and see what I found. Quick stop at a shopping centre (that could have been plucked right out of Vancouver for that matter)… should have bought some new shorts as the pairs I have are less than fresh now).

So I headed up to Vernon, as I was driving through I found a dive shop and thought that might be fun. But, no joy, they didn’t have any tours or info on anywhere where I could go get a couple of fun dives in, so I left for a wonder. Over lunch, I thought about heading up to Silver Star to see what was going on up there. So off I went up a great road (by the way, those of you who own automatic Imprezas… buy manual ones or use the tiptronic gear changer).

When I got there I immediately realized I should have resolved to get up here sooner, as I could have gotten a downhill mountain bike lesson and rental for the day and had a great time. Never mind, wen’t hiking instead and took a few snaps from the top:

Ahh the whole Okanagan (probably... well in fact probably not)

The Village


Vernon, I think...

I liked it up there so I decided to camp for the night (just $10 and includes access to hot showers, decent bogs, and right by the village with the bar open late). Got talking to a few people and had a great time!

Anyway, hitting the Northern Okanagan now, then it’s onto Lytton for the White Water Rafting trip.


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