Vernon, Enderby Cliffs and the way to Sun Peaks

Day 6 and I square away camp at Silver Star. I head down the mountain to Vernon and stop for a quick breaky and Skype calls home… that actually takes quite a long time. Looking on the map, I head for Enderby Cliffs Provincial Park as it looks like a good spot.

Now, remember all that wine I’m transporting? I have to keep it cool, even red wine can’t stand too much temperature raise within the bottles. Fortunately, because I have cases of wine, this works in my favour, the bottles keep each other cooler than a single bottle, and I can blast them with air con, leave the windows slightly open when I leave the car, find the shady parking spots, that sort of thing. Unfortunately, at Enderby you are pretty much parking smack bang in the open. This was going to have to be a fast hike!


Quite a nice trail up and all the rest… until, without warning, it says it’s closed half way up!! Blah!?


This was the best view I really got.

Headed back and decided to drive to Salmon Arm for a quick tea. Then I looked at the map and spotted a few Provincial Parks nearby… why not go to them I thought?

Thing is, on the way to the closest one, I saw a nice looking road that looked like a major route on the map. Why not use that I thought?

I’m writing this on Windows Live Writer because I can’t find any WiFi, can’t insert a map like I normally would. I’ll try to remember to update this when I upload the post, but in the mean time, go to Google Maps and get the following directions:
From: Pritchard, BC, Canada
To: Sun Peaks, BC, Canada

Yeah, see that windy road? It’s unsurfaced, there are signs saying that logging trucks should call out on their radios, bumps, pot holes, stones, cattle on the loose. Yes, the Impreza is the perfect car for the job… I mean who wouldn’t attempt it with normal road going tyres, normal road going suspension, normal ride height… no, it has All Wheel Drive, clearly there is nothing it cannot do for 24km!

After pushing through some cows, including one angry looking bull, complete with horns, I went up through the switchbacks and the loose surface as the sun was going down. Have to admit, the view was great and I secretly enjoyed the drive. For some reason though, I wasn’t alone. I caught sight of dust from someone up ahead, and just caught sight of him turning down a real 4×4-necessary road marked private, wonder what that was.

Anyway, eventually I caught sight of ski hill trail markers and realised I had made it to Sun Peaks. No messing around, I found the overnight carpark and joined a few other campers and RVers, all unofficially camping.

Immediately headed to town and went round every bar, I had gotten in at about 9:10, ten minutes after most had stopped food service, but Powder Hounds were nice enough to do one last plate for me.


That was a PHENOMINAL burger. If your wondering, that’s got all the fixings except cheese, I prefer my burgers without it! 3 pints of Granville Island Hefeweizen didn’t go a miss either! Really nice place to chill out, friendly bartenders and has a patio. (There’s a review I hope they see).

Anyway, closing time came round so I went back to the car, set up the tent in record quick time and crashed pretty quickly watching A Bridge Too Far (did you know that has Sean Connery in it?).

Will say that the netbook (a Samsung N220) has been a trooper throughout all this. I’m easily getting 5 hours of battery life, possibly more, even if I’m watching movies etc. Will be making this my travel notebook for now. Still want the Asus U36SD for my main one though!

Anyway, I’m off to explore Sun Peaks some more, I might spend all day here and just skip Kamloops. One way or another, I have to be in Lytton this evening to meet the group for White Water Rafting. Can’t wait!


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