White Water Rafting in Lytton

Sorry this post took so bloody long to post! I was waiting for the photos from Hannah.

Firstly, I decided this was going to be the end of the trip and I would have a week off at home rather carry on on the road. As fun as it was, this was the best decision.

So, from Sun Peaks I headed for Lytton and to the camp site where I was meeting Hannah, Melissa and Mahal. We were camping, and rafting, with Hyak that weekend. We had gotten a deal through Zozi so we had it for half off (Zozi is similar to Groupon, but more focused on activities)!
Note: the link above is my referral link 

Once we arrived, it was clear that we were all in the mood for a lot of drinking, a lot of fun that weekend! We quickly befriended not one but TWO stag parties that weekend! That resulted in a lot of very fun drinking if I do say so myself! Thing is, we didn’t really have enough torches between us, so I ended up using my dive light… this is basically having a small sun in your hands!!

Anyway, next day we were joined by more friends, went up to Hyak to grab our lifejackets and helmets, then off we went!

Transported up there on old schoolbuses, half of us were paddle rafting, the rest (including us) were using power boats

Here is a giant advert for Hyak!

Quick safety briefing (essentially put your hands between your legs and hope for the best :P) and some more banter with the stag parties and away we go!

Me on the way (note: the black tshirt you can see is my rashy)

One of the boats we were using, the guides were awesome!

The Western Side of the river had a railway (YES, A RAILWAY IS WHAT I CALL IT!!), and we enjoyed getting the drivers to sound their horns!

Anyway, after the first set of rapids, we pulled into shore for lunch (sandwiches…. no not “gourmet lunch” as Zozi described). Was tasty though, and relaxing!

The rafts tied up at shore

After lunch it was on to the big stuff! You’re probably wondering why I’m able to take photos when my camera was being replaced… good thing I sold my old Panasonic Lumix DMC-TS2 to Hannah!

Off we go towards the bigger stuff so to speak!

We rotated through the boat, so everyone got a go at the front having water crash into their face!

Isn't this just a great country!

We kind of look like a flotilla going down here!

Yes, this is a good idea of what it was like. Great fun!

So, with that done we were all on a high! We promptly loaded up my cooler (great investment for this trip) with as much boose and ice as it could take! The party in the evening was insane! Not many photos I can share without someone slapping me, but I will put this one out:

This is in the middle of a valley in a predominantly desert part of BC! Huge blow-out party!!!! Best I've had for a while! Well worth it!

All in all, great way to end the road trip!

After this, I had a week at home chilling out and catching up on a few things. New website for Mum was made, and I caught up with as many friends as I could. New job started a week after!

Photos in this post were taken by Hannah and I, on Hannah’s camera


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