St. Lucia

So folks I’ve been on a family break to the Caribbean. As I’ve always done with family breaks, a lot of the details here will be left out I’m afraid. However, I think I’ve got enough for a post about it.

We stayed at the all-inclusive Smuggler’s Cove Resort. This place was pretty good but flet a little dated and very family oriented. It was also like stepping back to the UK for me. I heard so many British accents everywhere I went. The beach was a mixture of volcanic sand and the water was blue and clear. The all in food was good, but they have restaurants that you could book… these felt severely over used though, always booked. We also found that you had to get up early and queue for everything! Internet was poor to say the least.

However, it was great to see the family so all of the above hardly mattered. We had a great time! The resort grew on us! Bugs were no where near as bad as we expected and the breeze was well received at night. Something about the cloudy days hardly ruined them… we were outside in the heat and no risk of sunburn…

I got three great days of Diving in with Eastern Caribbean Diving, who were great to me the whole time I was with them. Really made me feel involved and very friendly, exactly what I wanted from a dive shop! Met great people on the boat and saw some good things, even if I did take a Fire Coral hit! Watch out for stuff underwater that looks like someone spraypainted a surface orange.

I also got some golf in and a Segway tour. Was a great time! Great to see the family. Here are the photos!


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