In Whitehorse, Chilkoot starts tomorrow!

I’m writing this on the plane to Whitehorse. After a year of planning, many changes, it eventually became just the three of Hannah, Christina and myself leaving for the the trip.

As I write this, we are flying over Deeks Lake, The Chief, Squamish, Tantalus, Garibaldi Lake, Black Tusk… Christina is taking a bunch of photos. The view out of the plane is amazing! Better still because we’ve actually hiked all those places. We also know that those areas are clear and will be a good place to go when we get back to normal.

Anyway, back to Chilkoot talk, the forecast is 40% chance of rain for the next 3 days (until Sunday), then sun for the rest… I’ll be honest, I’m concerned about that rain… We have rain jackets with us but it will be a rather miserable experience if we are getting wet for three days. But, the less arduous days are sunny, so that should lift our spirits.

Equipment wise, we were somewhat disorganized after our last trip. Hannah can’t find her tent, so has borrowed one. It seems she had my cook set and bowl, thankfully I have those back! All of us are debating how much food we actually need. We’ve found there is a Coast Mountain Sports in Whitehorse and we are going!

I wish we could have brought Jesse!

Another hour to Whitehorse then we get some sleep for the night, then bus to the trailhead tomorrow.

—– Some time passes —–

So we got to Whitehorse and checked into the Beez Kneez Hostel. Nice place, very friendly owners. Went out to Whitehorse and had a great afternoon lunch at the Alpine Bakery. This place has a small town feel to it, but you see all the things from the bigger cities. We headed to the excellent Coast Mountain Sports in Whitehorse and loaded up on bits we had forgotten or needed, including bug nets. While there, we were told to get up at 3am to start The Pass, as falling rocks will be a concern…

Back at the hostel, final packing done, now off for a proper dinner before dehydrated bagged meals for 5 days.


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