Wendy Thompson Hut

I really need to keep up on the blog posts. This one should have been written closer to November 2013, when we actually did this winter hike.

The Wendy Thompson Hut is up near Pemberton, just off the Duffy Lake Road in the Marriott Basin. It’s run by the Alpine Club of Canada’s Whistler Section and, unlike most, is a fully reserved hut. $10 per person per night. Well worth it.

Since you will have seen my last (rather popular I must say) post about map making, I have a few maps for you:

The way up in early November was rather deep snow. Quite strange to be on snowshoes for the first time that year. The FSR wasn’t too bad, slight uphill incline. When you find the trail head marker (there is a photo below but it’s further away from the FSR than you think), you start more tricky footwork.

As you progress through the forest, there is more incline. The way is marked and not hard to follow. I found myself just pushing through here and minding my footing. Jesse (Hannah’s Dog) of course was having a great time.

Eventually you come out of the forest and onto what initially looks like a meadow, but you soon work out a lake it nearby. In winter people were crossing it (I wouldn’t, you don’t know how thick the ice is) but we went round the shoreline (as best we could work out). The areas around the lake are quite rocky and we found ourselves pushing through snowdrifts.

The final leg is an uphill to the hut. Traversing left and right and through some light trees. We didn’t really see the hut until it we were right on it.

The hut is well equipped. The paraffin/white gas heater is a welcome sight (bring your own fuel and read the instructions). Remember to take off your shoes in the entry way to keep snow out. The upstairs (ladder accessed) is very spacious so quite a few people could sleep there, but the downstairs is smaller, two tables and benches.

We had it completely to ourselves that night!

Many games of cards were played. Kind of wish we had brought a portable speaker for a bit of music. I would say you can haul up a bit of extra weight as it’s not an extremely far location. Do remember your warm coat and booties though.

Further reading:

And let’s not forget the photos:


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