I have my wallet and testicals… do I need specitals and watch?

Im all packed!! Here is the what I’ll be lubing about on my back (less the laptop that i’m using now)

Backpack, with smaller backpack

I’ve got enough clothes to last about 8 days without doing any laundy. I also have a load of shit to stop me getting bored (I hope). If I need it, I have grim fandango to keep me happy, and transport tycoon deluxe. I wonder, should I take any other games to keep me going… Nah, I’ll buy em out there or get them posted to me.

15 hours left in the UK!

Reminder: I’m flying at 14:25!

The Final Day!

Time to start packing methinks. 10 am is late enough to sleep in.

So far my socks and boxers are taking up 1/5 of my bag. Lord Help me.

To go in:

  • A load of new clothes
  • A load of my favorite old clothes
  • Wash stuff (thankfully, I have a super small travel towel
  • Laptop and accessories
  • Folder that I use to keep the Canada stuff organised
  • iRiver H-140 and accessories (an iPod seems like a great idea now)
  • Camera and accessories
  • Mobile (unlocked) and accessories
  • Books (Lonely Planet: British Columbia, BUNAC Moneywise Guide to North America, Dan Brown: Angels and Demons to name a few
  • Some Stuff I’m forgetting

Oh shi… not enough time!

Wow, the Audio 30’s cable is huge!

I just received a Plantronics Audio 30 Earbud Headset (with 2.04/120 minutes in Skype Credit included).

The cable is nearly 3 metres long!!! Im keeping it firmly coiled up as it was shipped untill I decide otherwise.

I’ve got it plugged and have iTunes hammering away. The quality is FANTASTIC! Clear as anything. Should be very handy while im out in Canada, I won’t be looking like a total twonk talking into a giant headset…

Remeber kids! Keep in touch with H out there:
Skype for PC –> PC Stuff
His Sipgate.co.uk provided landline number for Phone –> PC stuff
He’ll be calling you using VoIPBuster