Apple Juice does not come in cans… but Minute Maid have other ideas

I’m now in the dining room of the Vancouver hostel. I’m guarding another laptop for someone, who’s name I’m yet to catch, who has gone off to find his Mum! He’s back now thank god, that was 15 minutes and 3 emails written!

I’ve just got a CAN of Apple Juice from the vending machines… why is it in a can? What happened to cartons, bottles… they did no wrong! Minute Maid, BRING THEM BACK! I emplore you. I miss home thanks to this simple fact! Apple Juice does not come in cans!

For dinner, I’ve had my first sushi out here! It was from a small sushi takeout near the hostel. They tried hard and had a nice atmosphere, I could even watch it being made. Thats the first time I’ve seen it done in person, the guy was quite masterful. But he does need to work on his number 1 special. Oh I got a lot of Sushi and Mizo Soup for my $7.22, but a fried lemon chicken goujon was not a great filler for the rolls (although intresting when still warm), and the vegitable rolls were plain. Some spices, pickling or fusion would do well there. Overall, 6.8/10.

Apparently a lot of hostels DO have free Wi-Fi, this one is an exception… and that blows! I’m not paying $10 for 24 hours access, or going through the rigoramall of registering an account with Boingo I will probably never use.

Anyway, I really want some sleep

Rather Strange Dreams I’ve Been Having

Last few nights I’ve had some rather fucked up dreams. Most of them occur in the morning after I wake up slightly then go back to sleep.

Oh shi… Gman!

Sunday Morning
I’m in the houses of Parliment (which for some reason are a cinema in the same colours) when Charles Clark goes into Anaphlyatic Shock. I apparently am the only one who knows what he’s doing when it comes to this, so as the place clears out I maintain his airway etc… I even give him an Guadel Airway. At this point 2 blokes run in with first aid bags the size of bloody 32inch TVs but still I’m the only one who knows what I’m doing. The PM is haging about etc… I then wake up.

This Morning
Firstly I’m trying to hold back the entire Anicent Greecian Army with a pair of spears. I was protecting some bird I didn’t know for reasons I can only assume were sexual. I think that has something to do with me watching Troy as I went to sleep. That goes on for what seems like 5 minutes or so.

Oh shi… Terminator!

Then I find myself charging round a path spiralling to the top of a mountain, being chased by the beloved Half-Life character, G-Man!

Anyway, he’s doing all sorts of tricks like throwing stuff at me from on high, then instantly appearing behind me with something to cause harm. Once i reach the top he reveals himself to actually be a Termintor!

Anyway, he fancies turning me into a Terminator. Good times. I wake up at this point.

I think my years of TV driven entertainment are starting to show unhealthy side effects. A while back I had a dream that the film Aliens really happened and I was on the crew that was making the film version of these actual events.

Perhaps the gas fire in my room is leaking a bit, perhaps I shouldn’t sleep on my side, perhaps I should have my room Feng Shui’ed…