Renovations in progress

I’ve just switched from the Manifest theme to Hemingway Rewritten. Some things might be out of place, but I’m trying to check them now. A new, clearer, header is coming. Also, all posts will lack a featured image until I update them, which might be some time.

Can anyone think of a good description for this blog?


Updated some of the old posts

Some of the old posts from my first year in Whistler had broken links to photos etc. I decided that this simply would not do.

I’ve updated the posts to include (some) of the photos that were missing and remove the links to the old galleries:

It seems that I’ve lost the photos from Big Mike’s 30th Birthday or these ones from a night on the lash?

Took quite a while to edit them in but I think it was worth it. Enjoy!

The NZ Posts are finally up!

The queue when I started!

The queue when I started!

I’ve got all the New Zealand posts up now, phew! I didn’t get a single post about NZ, other than complaining about the lack of internet access, up here while I was in NZ!

The new posts are, in order of writing:

There are so many I have (temporarily) increased the number of posts visible on the front page of the blog to 15. Wow, what a lot of writing I do.