I managed to get 2 posts out

Watagan Mountains and Offroading on Stockton Beach

They appear further down the page as I have the post dates as when I wrote them rather than posted them.

But the rest will have to wait as I have limited bandwidth avaliable. I was given 50 megabytes of usage about 10 minutes ago and this is what I’m at now:

Wow, that's going down fast

Wow, that's going down fast

I suppose I should give a little credit, I’m at Fourty Winks Hostel in Hamilton

Posts are still trapped in Internet Prison

I’ve paid for WiFi!! What more do I need to offer the Gods? Shall I slaughter a sheep? There are enough of those around here!

It seems Global Gossip WiFi internet access at the BASE Rotorua Hostel doesn’t have a good enough internet connection for blog posts with pictures and bearly a good enough one for Skype calls!

You’ll have to keep waiting.

What a let down 😦