UK and France Trip

So here is a story I forgot to tell on this travelblog of mine. I flew home on 23rd December 2010 back to Leeds… with a 6 hour layover in Amsterdam! Should have gone into town.

Anyway, this was strictly a family trip home, so as normal, family photos won’t feature. But I also took the chance to be a tourist in a country in which I lived for 25 years!

So, first 7 days were in Yorkshire. I didn’t do any runs out to Norwich or London this time round. Just plain ole fashioned home time and me eating everything I had been missing for the last 10 months. Mini scotch eggs featured highly! I was also fortunate to miss the snow disruption in Europe, just.

Brimham Rocks - was a great clear and cold day.

The dogs!

The dogs!

This cold weather carried on for most of the time I was there. Was nice really.


This is one of my best shots. Its an HDR Photo of trees over the River Nidd.

Had a great time catching up with home and seeing the family. But I then wanted to get over to the South of France! Hadn’t been there in 21 months!

Old Salt Flats at Hyéres

La Londe

Remember the WWII monument?

One of the main highlights was a trip to the Millau Viaduct! The highest bridge in Europe!

The bridge itself!

The view from it was great! Millau looked spectacular.

As did Montpelier!

Of course I couldn't resist taking a photo of a beer! Especially not after day driving like that!

18 great days later I was back here… pretty jetlagged!

I’ll do one more post about what I’m up to out here some point this week as well, and maybe an intro to snowshoeing.