Another trip to Joffre Lakes

Back in June 2014, I did another trip to Joffre Lakes Provincial Park. The first trip was great fun and some of my best photos, and  I hadn’t been for a few years so why not.

For those of you looking for details and maps, here they are:

Now for the updates. Since I last went, the trail work has mostly been completed. The lower boulder hopping is now a smooth path. There is still a steep ascent through the trees requiring careful footwork. I had a broken radius and was in a cast at the time so gripping was tricky. As you get just past Middle Lake, you might find fallen trees that you need to duck under. The upper section has been rerouted East (to your left if ascending) and now there is a stairway and bridge as opposed to another boulder field. The approach to the campsite is still along a rocky shoreline and the outhouse door was broken when we were there.

Camp set up (quieter in June so no issues finding a spot) and dinner eaten. Jesse (dog who was with us) unearthed “human leavings” under a stone right by the campsite. If you’re thinking of doing this, please don’t. Walk to the outhouse like a civilized human-being.

This time, instead of doing Tzsil (snow was still too low), we headed for a lookout near the Glacier (see the map above). This was steep and you had to be careful of your footing and of falling rocks. However, seeing all three lakes at once was spectacular.

Now, onto food. We had decided to hike up a light frying pan, cutting board, spatula, tongs and the following:


That made pancakes and scrambled eggs for breakfasts!


  • Onions
  • Peppers
  • Potatoes
  • Spices (Taco spice mix worked well)
  • Chorizo
  • Carrots
  • Courgette/Zucchini
  • Beansprouts
  • Noodles
  • Stock

That made an enormous amount of stirfry and soup (a very excellent soup Louis I must say). We were absolutely full and kind of happy not to eat dehydrated for a change.

I’ll be doing another, beginner focused, hike up there soon!

Return to Keyhole Hot Springs

After Tough Mudder 2012 I went to Keyhole Hot Springs to relax, and liked it. So I took one of my hiking buddies, Stephen, and his friend, Jen, back there for another trip in late September.

The road was just as dusty, no snow to be seen. Seemed to still be graded. Dusty as ever. The fjord that you cross is a lot lower.

The last short hill after the fjord.

The last short hill after the fjord.

First thing I noticed was that most of the flagging tape I had put up had been taken down. The route was still passable of course, and as steep as ever. Remember there is no access to drinking water at the campground or the hot springs, so carry extra with you (it’s a short hike in anyway).

You’ll be treated to some spectacular views on the way down.

Remember though, it’s steep. Be ready for careful footwork and slidy, dusty dirt on the way down.

This is what I mean, and there is 30 minutes of this, both directions.

This is what I mean, and there is 30 minutes of this, both directions.

Once you get there though, the camp ground is pretty good (but it doesn’t look it). Flat, lots of trees to keep the wind down and out of the sun so you’re tent doesn’t get too hot.

Then head north west (right if facing the river) to the pathway that takes you to the hot springs.

Once you see them, it’s more careful footing and hope you brought a towel along to get changed under. There is nothing private down there to say the least.

At this later point in the year, the lower pool was open. Warm, but not as hot as the upper one, and larger too. It’s great!

Ahhh! The hotsprings at last (note the lower pool is now usable, see my other post for what it was like earlier in the year)

Ahhh! The hot springs at last (note the lower pool is now usable, see my other post for what it was like earlier in the year)

Remember, the original post has lots of links etc on how to get to Keyhole Hot Springs and the area.