Round the World 2009: The Route

To be clear, this trip has now taken place and you can read all about it on the blog

The Route

The Route

I’m planning a 3-4 month trip through 10 countries (maybe more!). I’m getting a oneworld Explorer Round the World Ticket for 4 continents, taking me to the Europe, Far East, the South Pacific and finally North America where I plan to spend at least another year in Canada on BUNAC. Here is the route.


I’m leaving London, properly, on the weekend of the 21st/22nd… perhaps a day or two after. I’ll be throwing as many nights out as I can for as many folks as I can beforehand!

I’m sad to be going but at the same time think it’s for the best. I’ve enjoyed Clapham a lot but always had itchy feet to get travelling again! I’ll miss it though.

After that, a little while in Yorkshire with the family and tidying up the affairs.


(Part of the pre-trip)

Going to see Mum in the South of France for at least a week! This will just be a relaxing time, not really travelling since I’ve been there many times before. But then again, who doesn’t like the French Rivéra?

I reckon I’ll be there for a week, starting early March


Osaka (大阪市), Japan. Capital of the Osaka Prefecture, known as the nation’s kitchen since it has great food and the current home of Janet (who I know from Whistler)!

Will be in Osaka, Kobe and the local area for a bit, then a weekend in Tokyo. I’m also thinking of getting a Japan Rail Pass, to get around a bit! Would definately be going far with that!

Janet has suggested a trip to Nagano for some skiing! Still thinking about it… but tempted for some JapPow!


I’ve decided to add this to the route, partially based on what everyone said to me after I annouced it at work that I was leaving, and partially because of this episode of Top Gear. Flying into Hanoi and then planning on a loop of the country. I’m looking forward to Ha Long Bay, the first UNESCO Site I think I’ve ever visited. I’ll head South down the coast to Ho Chi Min City then back up North towards Laos border (the most Southerly crossing I can find).

Looking forward to the food here, apparently its fantastic! I am undecided on eating sparrows though.

I’ll also be travelling solo here. First time for everything.


This is another addition since I’ve decided on the overland route from Vietnam to Thailand. Apparently its super cheap here but there are a lot of “foriegner rates” which the locals don’t pay. Even so, 50p for lunch is never a bad thing. Will be moving up from the Southern tip then West to Vientiane.

Again, this is a pretty unknown area at the moment and another solo country.


Well it seems that Laos didn’t happen, so I went to Cambodia instead!

Phnom Penh was far too seedy for me. But the beaches of Sihnoukville were great!


This route has undergone a bit of a change now I’m doing Laos and Vietnam. I’ll be entering from the Northern border with Laos, probably over the Friendship Bridge near Nong Khai. I’ll head to Chaing Mai and the rest, doing hiking as I feel, then head south to Bangkok for a couple of days.

Then its on to Phuket and Ko Samui I fancy living on a beach for a few weeks!

Dunno how long this will be.

Hong Kong

I have a connecting flight there, so I figured why not stop for a couple of days and see the place. Might be my only chance. Some cheap electronics will be bought.

Not quite sure what I’ll do here yet, but it’s my chance to see it so why not. I’ve seen a lot of folks do enjoy themselves here and I want to go try it. Plus I have a hankering for Dim Sum as I write this.

Just a couple of days here I think, unless someone suggests more…


I recon this will be a combination of staying with friends (HINT HINT friends :P) and hostelling it right up. Will be seeing Sydney, Adelade, Perth for certain, but hoping to get up the East Coast as well!

Hoping to get about and see the place and just enjoy myself really! I know so many Aussies now it just has to be done!

Excited about going to the apex country of all backpacking!

4 weeks here I think

New Zealand

Got a flight to Auckland (would do both islands, but I’ve run out of flights in APAC). Not sure what I’ll do yet, but I’m sure I’ll find something. Oddly enough, dispite Whistler, I don’t think I know anyone over here

1-2 weeks for NZ I think

Los Angeles

Finally I’ve made it to the US! And finally made it to the West Coast of the US. Again, seeing a few family friends and such and getting to see California for the first time!

Dunno what to do here again! Perhaps I need to get a LP book for the USA…

1 week here


When I told Gabby that I might go to Cancun she got very angry and talked me out of it. So I’ve decided on Belize instead! I have never been Central America so it should be an eye opener.

Definately want to see the Mayan Ruins and the Gulf of Honduras

English speaking too 🙂 Recon this is just a 1 week thing


I’ve decided to get another BUNAC Visa, so it’s another year of fun here! Will be looking for more career related jobs here rather than another season in Whistler (although if it all goes tits up I can go back there!). I’m so massively exicted to be doing this again!

Will be looking for a career job. But if it all goes tits up… back to Whistler!


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