Job getting a bit better

I made 7 sales today. I’m still a bit shakey whether its for me though.

In other news, I went down to the Royal last night and met Rich and 3 of his mates from the Cambie hostel. They were a great laugh. I then came back, after 3 hi-balls and called home. Skype is pretty good for getting your two young cousins, aunt and Dad on the line at once.

Dinner was great! But WHAT! IM WORKING ON COMMISION!

Last night I had dinner with Deanna, Kevin, Lucy, Aureen, Vicky and Lisa! Had a great time! The Gasworks restraunt in Gastown was fantastic, as was the company. It seems that everyone there bar me, Deanna and Kevin are heading to Whistler.

Anyway, on to day one of the job. I wake up with plenty of time, intending to open a bank account before I head to work at 10 (as I was told on the phone). I get on my laptop at breakfast like I usually do AND SEE AN EMAIL TELLING ME TO BE THERE AT 8:30, HALF AN HOUR FROM THAT POINT! It was sent at 20:31 last night, smack bang in the middle of dinner! I caned it out the door, forgetting to book another night for my room.

I got there with 5 minutes to spare (as any good employee should). I was waiting for the best part of 10 minutes outside in the cold. This did give me a chance to brush up on Fido literature. Anyway, I meet Andrew and Lisa, the two flyer monkeys who will be helping us paint Simon Fraiser University in the company logo! We all load into the back of Jon’s car and set off.

Once me and Jon have set up the stall etc… I ask him whether I’m being paid on commision alone (as the email said) or wage + commision (as he said in the interview, and I was expecting). I’m being paid on commision alone. Meaning no sales = no food. Less than 2 sales a day = not broken even for that day. Fortunatly today I managed to nail down 2, possibly a 3rd if that guy could get credit, and I’ve got some people coming back tommorow.

Now, while this job might seem ok, I’ve made a fair bit of money today, more than Andrew and Lisa made, I’m personally thinking it might not be a good thing for me. I don’t like the insecurity that much. Whistler seems more tempting all of a sudden. I might apply for them this evening and give them a ring tommorow to see when I could be interviewed. Hopefully I could get a job that is not related to the snow. Problem is, unless I’m fortunate enough to have the day off my current job when I have the interview, I would have to leave this job JUST TO GET AN INTERVIEW for another… so I have to decide which is best.

Perhaps The Royal with its $2 Hi-Balls (spirit + mixers) will help…