AVG Free Edition – FREE anti-virus Protection for those who don’t have it

For anyone who doesn’t have anti-virus protection, you can get it for free. Now, I’m not saying that you will get some sub standard, bare minimum protection for free, I’ve seen this used by IT professionals, and I’m quite happy to recomend it to anyone. This will cut down problems such as pesky worms and stop viruses coming onto your system, provided you keep it up to date

Grisoft Freeweb: AVG Free Edition

After 5 years and millions of free downloads, GRISOFT is pleased to announce the upgrade of the popular AVG Free Edition. Individual home computer users with the NEW version of AVG Free Edition will now benefit from some of the significant improvements drawn from the AVG Professional Editions.

Remember, Windows users, a lot of viruses can be stopped by running Windows Update frequently, better still, turning on Automatic Updates.

For more information, read Microsoft’s “Protect Your PC” Security Page

For those of you concerned about spyware and security threats that attack Internet Explorer… I’ll put up some recomendations in the future, but for now, consider trying out Firefox Get Firefox! (you will like it for more reasons than just security, I sure as hell do)


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