Got carried away by Merlin’s but not the Mountain

Last night was spent having MORE aprs in Merlins. Infact the quiet pub grub and few pints turned into 2 pitchers and leaving at 12:30, with some people heading for Mojo’s. I also got talking to a fella in the toilets who I happened to recognise from earlier in Ski School Sales… it was a great idea because I was drunk!

Anyway, today I headed up the Mountain with Rachel, Elaine Jenelle, Marie-Clare and Alan. Can’t say it ended too well. MC’s (snowboard) front foot binding broke and I had to do a quick on mountain repair so she could get down. This was quite tricky in a blizard on Harmony Ridge. Ice was also everywhere.

When I got down I found out that Alan had stacked it baddly and dislocated his shoulder. He put it back in himself before I arrived to at least warn him about the dangers of trapped nerves. He skied out with me and MC to mid-station (since I wouldn’t let him out of my sight) while Jenelle and Rachel headed back to Roundhouse for some late lunch. I joined them up there for some Lemon Loaf then skied non-stop all the way down with Rachel.

I then loaded up on a load of free lanyards for the radios and bought a fancy one for myself, its a bit scratchy though.

Family Guy
and American Dad were funny, even if I felt a bit chilled by the domestic abuse theme of American Dad.

Sorry that wasn’t an intresting one folks (yes I know I self-depricate a lot), I’m a bit tired.


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